Why HillaryCare is a Bad Idea

Mark Davis didn’t like Hillary’s first health care plan, and he doesn’t like her latest one either. It’s a simple issue of economic and personal freedom vs. government control.

True, some people cannot afford health insurance. But the seemingly noble instinct of fixing its cost and making it mandatory is a recipe for disaster. It is the open marketplace that has given us the best doctors, hospitals and technology in world history. Make those things a government-managed resource, and they will become a commodity just like every other line item in a government budget – vulnerable to whim and bureaucratic oversight, leading to rationing, delays and reductions in quality and availability of service.

What we need is not so much health care reform as insurance reform. We are miles detached from the real costs of care in a system where the $12 Tylenol still gets routinely paid.

Look at the magnificent marketplace in Lasik vision surgery, in which people pay for what they need, usually from their own pockets. It is a wonderful world of multiple providers and price wars. Now there’s a lesson from the last decade worth absorbing.

Hillary wants to convince us that the same government that routinely mismanages billions and abuses its clients in welfare programs, hurricane relief, defense contracts, and immigration reform can somehow do an efficient and cost-effective job of providing health care for all 300 million of us. Talk about a willing suspension of disbelief.


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