Fantasy Football – Week 2

This is more like it: my team eeked out a win. Not dominating, but good enough for a W.

As in Week 1 the bulk of the scoring came from only four parties: Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James,  Jason Elam, and the Pittsburg DST — with a decent outing from Deion Branch. Actually, the biggest element working in my favor was that my opponent was heavily dependent on a good Philadelphia game Monday night, which didn’t happen (thank you, McNabb & Westbrook!).

The lineup changes I made during the week helped a little, but not enough to take my team up to the next level. And judging from the preview of the next game, I’m gonna need to kick it up a notch to have any hope of success in Week 3.


One response to “Fantasy Football – Week 2

  1. I won this weeks game 106 – 57. Helps when you have Carson Palmer and he throws for 400+ yards and 5 TD’s!!!

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