Israel Strikes Syria

I somehow missed any news reports on this, but apparently Israeli Defense Forces staged a commando raid and air attack last week on a remote facility in Syria, near the Iraqi border. Judging from the map that accompanies this story, the raid was quite a feat, requiring a long distance excursion through the heart of Syria’s air defenses. The raid was successful.

The speculation is that the target was a major weapons cache intended for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Others wonder if the target was somehow involved in Syria’s nuclear weapons program.

Whatever the details, it is good to know that after Israel’s less-than-impressive performance in the Lebanon war last year, it still has the chutzpah to pull off an attack like this.


One response to “Israel Strikes Syria

  1. Raids like that are Israel’s specialty. They tend to fall down when they engage in longer term, larger concerted engagements.

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