Are You Ready for Some Football?!

After several years of hearing others drone on and on about their fantasy football teams, leagues, players, games, etc., I am finally sticking a toe in the water. I and nine other guys from church have set up a FF league.

Our draft party was conducted tonight. After the first few rounds, I had no clue who the available players were, so they were pretty much blind picks. Still, I came up with a pretty decent team, I think. Peyton Manning (QB), backed up by Matt Leinart; RBs Edgerrin James, DeAngelo Williams, and Adrian Peterson; WR Deion Branch; K Jason Elam; and a scattering of other players that you may or may not be familiar with. Oh, and the Pittsburg Steelers DST.

I will probably do just enough research to make sure I have a legal lineup every week. Beyond that, I’m only in it for the trash talk and male bonding. I’ll report every week on my team’s progress.


One response to “Are You Ready for Some Football?!

  1. i like european football.
    great blog. keep it up. ^_^

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