Cool It: A Fresh Look at Global Warming

Glenn Reynolds calls attention to a new book by Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg that promises to change the tone of the global warming debate. has a guest review by bestselling author — and global warming skeptic — Michael Crichton. Crichton concludes:

In some of the most disturbing chapters, Lomborg recounts what leading climate figures have said about anyone who questions the orthodoxy, thus demonstrating the illiberal, antidemocratic tone of the current debate. Lomborg himself takes the larger view, explaining in detail why the tone of hysteria is inappropriate to addressing the problems we face.

In the end, Lomborg’s concerns embrace the planet. He contrasts our concern for climate with other concerns such as HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and providing clean water to the world. In the end, his ability to put climate in a global perspective is perhaps the book’s greatest value. Lomborg and Cool It are our best guides to our shared environmental future.

I repeat: The current hysteria surrounding global warming will someday be taught in universities as a good example of how not to do science.


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