The High Price of Free Love

College campuses are hotbeds (so to speak) of casual sex. The result is an epidemic of emotional and physical health problems, especially among young women. Yet college health officials are in a state of denial about the issue.

Chuck Colson reviews a book on the subject, Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student, written by Miriam Grossman.

Instead of declaring war on the hook-up culture, Grossman says, political correctness decrees that campus doctors pretend the problems it causes don’t exist. If they do acknowledge them, they risk being fired—which is why Dr. Grossman originally published this book anonymously. After all, doctors are not supposed to be judgmental. But as Grossman points out, doctors pass judgment all the time when it comes to other health issues.

“We ask about childhood abuse, but not last week’s hookups,” she writes. “We want to know how many cigarettes she has each day, but not how many abortions are in her past. We consider the stress caused by parental expectations but neglect the anguish of herpes, the hazards of promiscuity, and the looming fertility issues for women who always put career first.”

When it comes to sexual harassment and date rape, campus health professionals are eager to help. But they don’t support groups for women who want to practice abstinence or who are suffering the after-effects of an abortion.

We ought to get angry about this. The secular world is engaging in something they often accuse Christians of—living in a “false reality.” But anyone who ignores a mountain of medical evidence is not only living in a false reality, they’re endangering people’s lives.

For more on this subject, see an excellent interview with Dr. Grossman at National Review Online, and an earlier book review by Mona Charen.


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