How to Undermine the U.S.–From One Who’s Done It

Ion Mihai Pacepa was a two-star general in Romania’s foreign intelligence service until 1978, when he defected to the U. S. Eventually he became an American citizen. When the Soviet bloc collapsed in the late ’80’s, Pacepa played an indirect role in the overthrow of Ceauşescu in Romania. A prolific writer, he has exposed a great deal of the plotting and intrigue that the Eastern Bloc countries engaged in during the Cold War to destroy the credibility of the U. S. across the globe.

Which is to say, the man knows a thing or two about how to undermine America.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Pacepa compares the efforts of his former comrades in the Soviet Bloc with the political enemies of our current President–enemies right here in America. He is appalled at the reckless manner in which these leftists attack the leader of the free world.

As someone who escaped from communist Romania–with two death sentences on his head–in order to become a citizen of this great country, I have a hard time understanding why some of our top political leaders can dare in a time of war to call our commander in chief a “liar,” a “deceiver” and a “fraud.”

Pacepa does not pretend to be an expert on the war in Iraq, but he knows a strategy for defeat when he sees one.

Unfortunately, partisans today have taken a page from the old Soviet playbook. At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, for example, Bush critics continued our mud-slinging at America’s commander in chief. One speaker, Martin O’Malley, now governor of Maryland, had earlier in the summer stated he was more worried about the actions of the Bush administration than about al Qaeda. On another occasion, retired four-star general Wesley Clark gave Michael Moore a platform to denounce the American commander in chief as a “deserter.” And visitors to the national chairman of the Democratic Party had to step across a doormat depicting the American president surrounded by the words, “Give Bush the Boot.”

He appeals to an unlikely source–fellow immigrants–for support in turning out these loons and electing leaders, of whatever party, who are proud of America and are willing to work together for the common good.

If America’s political leaders, Democrat and Republican, join together as they did during World War II, America will win. Otherwise, terrorism will win.

UPDATE:  One of Pacepa’s earlier pieces in National Review Online documents numerous examples of the dirty tricks that were so effective in smearing America during the Cold War. I found this quote especially timely:

KGB priority number one at that time was to damage American power, judgment, and credibility. One of its favorite tools was the fabrication of such evidence as photographs and “news reports” about invented American war atrocities. These tales were purveyed in KGB-operated magazines that would then flack them to reputable news organizations. Often enough, they would be picked up. News organizations are notoriously sloppy about verifying their sources. All in all, it was amazingly easy for Soviet-bloc spy organizations to fake many such reports and spread them around the free world.

Nothing has changed much, has it?


One response to “How to Undermine the U.S.–From One Who’s Done It

  1. daredevil92103

    interesting. so, in all honesty, you see none of our rights being violated? i am asking you seriously. i think we did commit some atrocities, if you consider some of the things we did in Latin America.
    this guy has a good point, though.

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