It Must Be Monday

After a long hiatus from riding the bicycle to work, I decided to get back in the saddle this week. So I got up early this morning, pumped up the tires, and took off down the road. Ah, it felt good to be peddling again!

Then it happened. About halfway to my destination, the rear tire went flat. It wasn’t a blow-out, but it was definitely flat — and not ridable. I had no choice but to turn around and walk the bike back home. Three and a half miles. What a way to start a Monday morning. Fortunately, I had left early enough that even after walking back home and taking a shower, I still made it to work before 8:00 a.m.

On my lunch hour, I went to the bike store and bought a good quality portable tire pump. I replaced the tube this evening, and mounted the pump, so hopefully I won’t have that experience again.


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