Earth to Islam: Grow Up

Victor Davis Hanson comments on the hypocrisies of fundamentalist Muslims, who want to enjoy many of the benefits of a modern society, but without the cultural and social underpinnings that make those benefits possible.

The time is over both for coffee-table talk in the West about a pie-in-the-sky “reformation” needed in Islam, and the endless habit in the Middle East of blaming others for self-inflicted miseries.

Instead, right now we should hold the Muslim world to the same standards of tolerance that we demand of ourselves — no more apologies for things like our insensitive cartoons or excuses for their insane anger against novelists. In turn, the Middle East must grow up and accept, like the rest of the world, that there are social and cultural costs and consequences for any who wish to embrace the benefits of modernism.


One response to “Earth to Islam: Grow Up

  1. Thank you for allowing me to view your opinion and commenting.
    Th e earth, the heavens and everything in between were created by God Almighty,all submitting to His will, which is what a muslim is -submitting to the will of the Creator.
    Thank you

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