Harnessing the Wind

On my way back from Colorado, I passed by the Spearville Wind Energy Facility, just east of Dodge City. The picture below doesn’t capture the immense size of these gargantuan wind turbines. There are 67 of them scattered over 5,000 acres, producing over 100 megawatts of clean, renewable power for Kansas City Power & Light. (See an album of much better photos here.)

Kansas is doing its part to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Hey, Teddy Kennedy — what are you doing to reduce yours?



One response to “Harnessing the Wind

  1. Poppypundit – I cant help thinking there is a certain beauty to these wind farms. Recently off the north coast of Ireland a wave turbine was installed. Its striking how similar it is to the wind mills and off course avoids the problem of having 67 mills towering in the sky. Not much good in Kansas but maybe an option in other parts of the US. You can see the turbine here – http://giftofireland.com/Siteblog/2007/06/29/worlds-largest-tidal-turbine-being-built-off-ireland-2/

    Nice photos on the windmills

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