A New Generation of Special Operations Forces

U.S. News & World Report gives a fascinating glimpse into the revamped training that is turning out a larger number of Special Operations soldiers. But the military is not sacrificing quality for quantity.

It is a challenging task to quickly expand the country’s most elite units—whose members are carefully chosen and groomed at great expense—without jeopardizing the force’s high mental and physical capabilities. Special operators want to avoid at all cost repeating the Vietnam-era experience in which rapid expansion led to lower standards and a crisis in morale and reputation.

The training includes — in addition to the usual physical, mental, and psychological development — very realistic role playing involving civilians hired to mimic real challenges. In one case involving a “suicide bomber,” the scenario was so realistic that one of the trainees beat up the pretend bad guy.

I’ll bet the career spec ops guys have some real stories to tell about some of their missions.


One response to “A New Generation of Special Operations Forces

  1. Not sacrificing quality for quantity – yet one of the trainees beat up the pretent bad guy! That’s a pretty blatant example of poor quality recruits in my book. FFS, if the guy can’t read the situation correctly or even control himself in training then what’s he gonna do when its for real? Don’t forget, these “trainees” aren’t civvies straight from the hood – they’re soldiers with a fair amount of experience already.

    Just a thought… Might actually be less there than meets the eye.

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