A D-Day Tribute

Sixty-three years ago, the largest invasion force in history crossed the English Channel and stormed Fortress Europe. Kerry Byrne offers a stirring memorial to the men who accomplished that feat.

He adds this side-note regarding today’s flippant use of the pejorative “Nazi”:

It’s become trendy in recent years to compare certain American politicians to Nazis. But show me the ovens, the gas chambers or the factories where the skins of ethnic minorities are turned into lampshades and maybe we can talk. Otherwise, zip it, donkey.

I had an uncle who went ashore on D-Day, was promptly captured, and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. My hat goes off to him and all the others who sacrificed so much to defeat tyranny — and to those who are still sacrificing today.

Byrne concludes:

It’s amazing what can be done, and how quickly it can be done, when the nation’s very survival is at stake, and when the nation is united.

Sadly, a condition that we can’t seem to grasp today.


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