Two-Dollar Fill-up?

That’s what it will cost to fill up the tank of the world’s first air-powered car. The Air Car was designed by a former Formula One racing engineer, and is being manufacturered in India. The car runs on compressed air — and at 4350 psi, it must have a pretty solid “fuel” tank. It can hit 68 mph, with a range of 125 miles. Unlike electric cars, it can be filled up (at a properly equipped refueling station, of course) in just a few minutes. Or it can be refueled in a few hours by the car’s own compressor pump. The car’s cost? $12,700.

Sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, it is, at least for Americans. The car’s body is glued together, so safety concerns will limit its market. But a number of other countries are lining up to get this vehicle into their fleets. Also, one reader commented that since the engine produces no heat or electricity, there is no simple way to produce onboard heat. Folks in Minnesota won’t like that.

Still, this has exciting possibilities for the future of automotive technology.

Read more about the Air Car here and here.


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