Holiday Fun with the Fam

With our kids and grandkids becoming more spread out, holiday weekends take on a more traditional let’s-get-together-with-the-family role.  This Memorial Day weekend, the Texas contingent came. It was a packed weekend.

Saturday was spent at Wild West World, the new theme park that just opened in Wichita.  Here are Mimi and Poppy with the little munchkins:


The weather was cloudy and gloomy, with an occasional strong shower. At least it kept the crowds small and the lines short:


But no amount of rain could affect the bumper cars, which got a lot of action:


On Sunday afternoon, Poppy took the kids on an adventure they never get to experience in the city. We took some plaster of paris to the pond behind the back pasture, found some good deer tracks in the mud, and made some plaster casts of the tracks. Now they have some Kansas souvenirs for show-and-tell:


Weekends like this are what memories are made of.


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