But I Thought the Science Was a Slam Dunk

After being repeatedly reassured that the science behind predictions of global warming was iron-clad and solid, we are now told that the computer models that predict future warming may be flawed.

Scientists have now discovered a previously unknown “twilight zone” of particles in the air surrounding clouds.

Scientists have been aware of an indistinct “halo” surrounding individual clouds, but the newly detected zone is much more extensive, taking up as much as 60 percent of the atmosphere previously labeled as cloud-free.

The previously unknown ingredient in the atmospheric mixture of particles will have to be factored into models that try to predict how the atmosphere influences the change of global temperatures.

To be such an iron-clad certainty, global warming science sure has a lot of fuzziness about it. Yet we’re supposed to jump into panic mode and overhaul our entire economy to minimize the threat.


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