Why Men Refuse to Ask Directions

To women, a man’s refusal to ask for directions is a sign of stubborness. But Alison Armstrong argues that this uniquely masculine trait is really an expression of his survival instincts.  (On the link, scroll down to item #34.)

The way he sees it, you are both better off searching for your location yourselves than being at the mercy of the judgment of someone he doesn’t know and trust.

Better yet . . .

A woman who understands – and even likes – reading maps becomes a highly valued travel partner. To quote men, a woman who happily reads maps “becomes useful in the hunt,” and is “awesome” and “nearly perfect.” Instead of feeling frustrated and ignored while he is trying to find some place, if you’re consulting a map, you’ll find a man more than willing to follow your directions.

It is a wise woman who appreciates her husband’s desire to “do it himself.”


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