MSM Feeds Anti-Muslim Bigotry

For all their self-righteous blather about promoting tolerance and diversity, the mainstream media is unwittingly creating a groundswell of anomosity against all Muslims and Middle-Easterners, according to Victor Davis Hanson.

Their target is the Bush administration’s policies, but the media’s constant drumbeat of news from the Middle East featuring mindless killings, bombings, executions, screams of “Death to America!”, and acts of irrational stupidity instead lead Americans to despise the entire Muslim culture.

When the liberal Left says of the war, “It isn’t worth it,” that message resonates, as the American public rightly suspects that it really means “They aren’t worth it.”

The solution to this growing bigotry is for the MSM to start reporting the whole story from Iraq and the Middle East, including all the Iraqis who appreciate our presence there, and are supporting our efforts with their own blood.


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