al-Qaida Gets a Dose of Its Own Medicine

A coalition of tribal forces around Fallujah, known as the Anbar Salvation Front, has had enough of al-Qaida’s butchery, and have started taking matters into their own hands.

The group does not hand over captured al-Qa’ida suspects to the Iraqi police or even to the US military. When a group has concluded that any captive works with the al-Qa’ida militias, the suspect is executed with a bullet to the head. . . .
Residents of Falluja report finding bodies of people known to have worked with armed groups lying in the streets each morning, in an attempt to intimidate those who work with the armed groups of the area, including the al-Qa’ida-linked forces . . . .

I know, I know, civil rights and all that. But civil wars are always a bloody mess. At least these fellas are using a weapon the enemy understands: brute force.


2 responses to “al-Qaida Gets a Dose of Its Own Medicine

  1. to you they may be the “enemy” so anything is “justified” eh? that explains abu ghraib.

    but to the Towelians, such actions make people no better than al qaeda itself.

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