Environmentalism Goes Down the Toilet

Sheryl Crow and pal Laurie David have drawn laughs over their insistence that we should use less toilet paper, for the good of the planet. Liberals are always chiding conservatives to stay out of other people’s bedrooms; but now they’re wanting to force their way into our bathrooms. Gimme a break!

Michael D. Shaw offers this observation:

Ms. David’s brand of environmentalism is nothing more than a facade, a distraction from the financially secure yet intellectually boring life of the fabulously wealthy. But this hobby has dire consequences for the rest of us. By transforming her politics into a religion, and by demonizing all who question her positions, including the author Michael Crichton, who actually is a Harvard trained scientist and physician, Laurie David makes the environmental movement seem bizarre and more than a bit ridiculous.

My advice to Crow, David, and the others: Keep talking! Especially in joint appearances with Democratic candidates! This kind of crackpot radicalism will only help conservatives in ’08.


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