The Korean Mass Murderer — No, the Other One

The worst killing spree in modern history was perpetrated by another Korean, Woo Bum-Kon, in 1982. Woo was more creative in his killing, using a rifle and hand grenades. He was a policeman, with access to a whole arsenal.

There, too, keeping guns out of the hands of the populace only turned them into defenseless sheep.

Guns are not the problem, either here, in Korea, or anywhere else they’ve been used to slaughter people. The problem is darkness in the human heart. As long as there is evil in the world, there will be killings — and a need for decent people to have the means to protect themselves and their loved ones from that evil.

UPDATE: Ralph Kinney Bennett captures the thought perfectly:

If only it weren’t so easy to kill.

Bronze made it easier. The broadsword made it easier. The crossbow. The musket ball, the bullet. The revolver, the Winchester, the Gatling, the Maxim, the Browning. Brass and powder and lead, packaged and propelled so rapidly by physics and man’s inventiveness.

But whether the tool is a rock or a 9mm. pistol, the “easier” part comes from a man’s heart.

Technology will always make it ever easier to live and die. And its “proper control” will continue to be the first refuge of those who find it difficult to believe, let alone deal with, the truth of an evil or demented mind, a dark heart, a hellishly bent soul and its capacity to surprise, horrify and confound us.


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