The Disposable Gender

Scientists have figured out a way to turn human bone marrow tissue into primitive sperm cells. There are a number of technical and ethical issues to sort out, but this development could provide a way for infertile men to father children. Or lesbian couples to have their own biological offspring (which would be only females). Feminists, naturally, are ecstatic. Finally, men are no longer necessary in any sense of the word.

But as Kevin McCollough points out, this brave new world puts the feminists on the defensive. Now we will find out how many women really do want a world without men.

The feminist jig is up. Women like men – real men that is. Women love a man who will provide economic security for them. They want a man who will be their rock and shield in a time of crisis or attack. And women prefer the joy of being sexually complete in the intimate bodily embrace and the emotional, spiritual, and physical connection to a man as God designed it.


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