News Flash: Men and Women Are Different

Despite the constant barrage of propaganda spewed forth by feminists and gay rights advocates, a large and growing body of evidence establishes beyond any doubt — as though there was ever any doubt — that men and women are inherently and biologically different. Frank York summarizes the case for acknowledging these differences and their implications in gender relationships.

On a related note, John Stossel at ABC News recently described a couple of studies that highlighted gender differences.

At the University of Rochester, students were blindfolded and then led through a maze of tunnels that run underneath the campus.

The experimenter stayed behind them and guided them with a tap on the shoulder so they wouldn’t run into anyone.

When the women were asked where a college building was, they rarely knew.

Men, however, have a better sense of spatial relations, according to the experiment. Most knew roughly where they were.

In contrast, at York University in Toronto, students were asked to wait in a cluttered room. After two minutes, the experimenter moved them to another room and asked the students to tell him every object in the room that they could remember.

Women typically gave incredibly detailed answers.

The men were more likely to say, “I dunno. There was some stuff there.”

Many women went on and on.

None of this proves that one sex is “superior” to the other, only that they are different. It’s a travesty that in a culture that places such a premium on diversity, the inherent differences between men and women cannot be freely acknowledged and celebrated. Doing so would have a profoundly positive impact on raising our children.


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