Free Speech: The Tables Have Turned

To really appreciate how far the Left has gone in its repression of conservative speech on college campuses, read these two pieces:

First, a detailed chronology of the “Free Speech” controversy on the UC-Berkeley campus in 1964-1965. The students (labeled as radicals at the time) petitioned the administration for the freedom to promote “advocacy of any political viewpoint or action or to be able to distribute literature to that effect.” They eventually won their right to be heard, to the horror of a lot of crusty old conservatives.

Second, an exhaustive review by John Leo of the current climate in most colleges today, where “official censorship—now renamed speech codes and antiharassment codes—pervades the campuses.” The targets of repression are almost always conservatives.

The leftist repression of speech today bears an uncanny resemblence to the repression of speech two generations ago. The only difference is which ideology controls the administration and sets the rules.

The good news, as Leo adds, is that the modern censors are often so glaringly hypocritical and unconstitutional in their antics, that most thinking people are disgusted by the stupidity and are bringing pressure to bear to change it.


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