Bobby Jindal for President

What? You’ve not heard of Bobby Jindal? Then get acquainted. This is the kind of leadership this country has been aching for since Reagan left office.


12 responses to “Bobby Jindal for President

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  2. This would be the best thing to happen to this country since our beloved President Ronald Regan ! It gives me hope for these troubled times. Even though we would miss him here in Louisiana our country needs him more.

  3. Well, he’s got my vote for sure.

  4. robert SCHWALBAUM

    Bobby Jindal is absolutely the freshest face ANYWHERE. I listen to him speak and I keep yelling.. YES! YES! YES! What can i do to hel[p his politcal career . I’ve ALWAYS admired INDIANS, but this guy is the BEST!!

  5. I am currently watching him in action during hurricane Gustav and this Alabama boy is impressed! He really has true leadership qualities. I also looked over his bio several weeks ago and liked what I saw. I think we will see alot more of this man in the future. I’m excited for the GOP and our country.

  6. I see Bobby Jindal as Sarah Palin’s VP in 2012

  7. Carmelo- other way around. This guy is the next Reagan and after 4 years of socialism that Obama promises, we’re going to need him.

  8. Yes, Jindal 2012. He’s got my vote.
    As much as I would love to see Palin again, I really don’t think she’s got much of a chace.

  9. I would vote, work, and donate for him if he ran with Sarah Palin. I don’t really care which gets the top slot.

  10. My family would donate and volunteer for Jindal’s campaign. He is so impressive! Please go for it Bobby Jindal, America needs you and your values!
    Jindal/Steele 2012

  11. If you mean a guy who is possibly more conservative than Palin then yes. This country needs progress and no more conservative thought.

    If the Revolutionaries were conservative, we would still be under the rule of England.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  12. Wayne from Soc. Rep. of Cal.

    I am just beginning to learn about Bobby Jindal and he sounds fantastic! I would lean to a Jindal/Palin ticket. I hope this country is still salvageable in four years!

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