The Lost Ships of Pisa

If you’re into archaeology, check out the story of a collection of ancient Roman ships that are being unearthed in the city of Pisa, just a short distance away from the famous leaning tower. (Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page for additional text and photos.) Although the sea is now six miles away, the ships sank long ago in what was then the main harbor of the city. Preserved by centuries of silt, the ships have yielded a treasure trove of ordinary objects that tell a remarkable story of maritime life some two millenia ago. In one ship, archaeologists discovered the remains of a sailor and his dog, and were able to reconstruct what apparently happened to him. If you can read Italian, go to the official website of the “ancient ships of Pisa” (follow the side bar links to see more photos and diagrams). Read more here. Or get the book.


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