Astronauts and Affairs

Authorities have revealed a detailed account of the twisted love triangle involving three astronauts, that culminated in the bizarre attack by one of the women on her rival. This affair will become a TV movie, I have no doubt. In the meantime, the story of how these three people’s lives became so tragically entangled teaches a couple of lessons that our society has forgotten:

  • First, what people do in their private lives very much DOES affect their job performance — especially if their private lives involve colleagues in the workplace. The effort to completely divorce the two is sheer fantasy.
  • Second, no matter how much training they may undergo to maintain a professional relationship, men and women are still sexual creatures. Throw them together in close proximity for long periods of time, and hormones will begin to flow. The havoc wrought by this social experiment in the astronaut corps is repeated countless times in businesses every day. Even the military is having to deal with this kind of problem now.

I’m not advocating an Islamic gender segregation policy, but we do need a restoration of common sense in anticipating and avoiding the potential problems associated with gender-mixing in high-stress environments.


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